It’s tough adulting. Paying my own bills, being alone… But I have fought and struggled and I have done pretty decent for myself. I have had help, lots of it, and some amazing friends along the way. They have been my crutches when I haven’t been able to hold myself up, which I hate to admit has been a lot in the past 6 months. I am a different, but then again I am the same person.. 

I have lost some amazing people along the way. I’ve lost those I have pushed away and sometimes it hurts to think about, but then I remember that times change and the people around you change with it.

I am strong and I have always been very strong, but now I am just a little more vulnerable. I tend to trust people blindly, and give them the benefit of the doubt. I still have faith in humanity even after humanity threw a major blow my way. I don’t want to see the bad in people, I want to embrace the good. 

Everyone has something good about them, everyone has good within them and I search for that in every person I meet.

That’s why people tend to walk all over me.. I guess I let them though. I just want to help people, what’s so wrong if I get hurt in the process?

Shit happens right?

Shit does happen, and life goes on. One day you’ll see this too.